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Our Process for Working Together

  • We can develop custom ALD solutions to address your coating needs.
  • Expert R&D scientists and engineers on staff to understand and tackle your coating challenges.
  • Teaming is our strength:
    • Provide materials and process solutions to your problems
    • Partner with you to seek external support for your projects
  • Experienced in ALD Evaluation, Prototyping and Manufacturing.
  • SBIR Successes:
    • Experience with Phase I/II programs with US Navy, US Army DOE, EPA and NSF.

Example of our Process

VaporPulse recently partnered with team of filtration experts from ETS Inc. and RTI International to form a joint venture (JV) ETSVP, LLC, a nanomaterials company focused on the development of a new Reactive Nanofilter of air particulates to solve many critical issues facing the coal-fired power industry including controlling hazardous air pollutants such as fine particulate emissions (PM2.5) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The JV recently was supported on a EPA Phase II SBIR program titled “Innovative Filters Using Nanomaterials for Removal of Gaseous Pollutants and Particulates from Contaminated Air Streams” to commercialize the Reactive Nanofilter for application towards a high efficiency baghouse filter to reduce emissions in the Power Generation industry.

VaporPulse Sample Project Portfolio

  • NASA: ALD coating and R&D services for powders used in energy storage applications.
  • IBM: ALD foundry ALD coating service
  • Fortune 100 Company based Northeast U.S.
    • Developed unique coating formulation for application to composite parts.
  • Large non-profit based in Southeast U.S.
    • Developed unique coating combination and provided toll coating services on air filters for U.S. Army.
  • Small business based in Midwest U.S.
    • Developed ALD coating to improve adhesion on customer’s parts.
  • Universities
    • Including Caltech, Duke University, Cornell, Penn State, MIT and NC State
    • Provide ALD coating service for routine and new ALD materials to enable new research programs.

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