VaporPulse Mission Statement

VaporPulse Technologies provides innovative ALD Coating and R&D Services. Our mission is to use our expertise in ALD to help clients discover new atomic-scale solutions to create new functional materials, surfaces, structures and devices.

Our Story

Born out of a passion for thin film coating and process technology, VaporPulse was founded on ALD as a core technology.  Our first innovation using ALD was development of a new coating to protect filtration media used by the US Army.  Since founding we have gone on to develop new materials and processes using ALD technology as the foundation.  A few example innovations include developing new barrier coatings to encapsulate polymers from harsh industrial chemicals, discovering a nanocatalyst for cleaning gaseous air streams of VOC’s, and creation of a new process to prevent oxygen and water transfer in packaging materials and optical windows.  Our most recent innovation was the development of a custom coating solution using high temperature ALD nitride coatings to protect composite parts against hot corrosion.

Corporate Background

VaporPulse Technologies, Inc. was established in 2010 and is a privately held corporation registered as a small business with the Small Business Association (SBA).  VaporPulse provides expert ALD Coating, Research and Development Services to a number of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, and packaging.  VaporPulse clients include academic, industrial and government R&D laboratories such as NASA and large Fortune 100 corporations such as IBM.

Strengths and Depth

VaporPulse is a leading U.S. based supplier of ALD Coating, Research and Development Services.  At VaporPulse we like to refer to ourselves as ALD Makers, we work with clients to find the best solution for the application.  We are committed to helping advance our clients products from ideation to commercial reality. We take pride in developing and tinkering to find the best solution for our clients problem. One of the strengths at VaporPulse and our ALD coating service offerings is our extensive knowledge and experience in ALD, by working with VaporPulse our clients avoid purchasing expensive tooling, paying for on-going maintenance and training new staff.  Hire an expert like VaporPulse for the job to speed your time to market.

Commitment to Quality

At VaporPulse, we provide high quality ALD Coating, Research and Development Services.  We guarantee our customers satisfaction and will make every effort to satisfy every request.  Our long-term relationships, professionalism, and dedication to our customers makes us an ideal choice for your ALD R&D needs.  We take pride in our work and are confident you will be pleased with the services and quality provided by VaporPulse.

To learn more about our ALD Coating, Research and Development Services or inquire about our ALD MINI CHAMBER system please send an email to Chris Oldham at cjoldham@vapor-pulse.com or call us at +1 888-955-7550.

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