Our Story.

VaporPulse was launched from the TEC entrepreneurship program at NC State University. Since launching VaporPulse has generated a significant amount of buzz. Our growth has been organic, driven by demand to create customized nano-coating solutions.  Our team of scientists and engineers have years of experience developing coating solutions for laboratory and commercial use.

VaporPulse’s strength lies in the ability to deposit ultra-thin nanoscale coatings on typically hard to coat parts such as polymers, textiles, and small parts like powder.  Ongoing development in customized coating solutions including new metal, metal oxide, and polymer based nano-coatings provides an ever growing expansion opportunity for VaporPulse by tackling new markets and breaking ground for advanced products.

VaporPulse is located in the Research Triangle (RTP) region of NC.  Besides the great weather, RTP is home to three amazing universities, fortune 100 companies, and a thriving start-up and entrepreneurial community.

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