ALD Systems

The VaporPulse ALD MINI CHAMBER was designed for ALD R&D

100mm MINI CHAMBER Installed in Customer R&D Lab

  • Our process  for success: We define your specification and design the equipment around it.
  • Our clients are some of the biggest research organizations in the world.
  • We have worked with leading University and Corporate R&D labs to deliver solutions for successful ALD research.
  • We believe the quicker you test, the quicker you’ll succeed.


  • A low cost solution for ALD/CVD R&D.
  • Based on more than 75 years of semiconductor process and equipment design experience.
  • Our skilled team holds over 50 US patents  and designed chambers for leading semiconductor manufacturers.

    MINI CHAMBER ALD SYSTEM for 100mm Substrates (up 300mm capability)


  • Cost effective R&D ALD/CVD bench system
  • Designed for rapid ALD research
  • Ideal for university and corporate labs

MINI CHAMBER System Features:

  • 100mm hot wall vacuum chamber
  • Temperature controlled substrate stage (350C)
  • 2 organometallic precursor lines
  • 2 co-reactants (H2O, O3, NH3)
  • PC-based control system w/ loaded recipes
  • Heated precursor delivery system
  • Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump

    MINI CHAMBER with Plasma

MINI CHAMBER Optional Features:

  • 300mm capability
  • High temperature stage (up to 600C)
  • Plasma source
  • Vented enclosure
  • Custom precursor delivery system
  • Low-volatility precursors,organics
  • Additional precursor feed lines
  • Dry pump
  • On-site training and service agreements

MINI CHAMBER – Designed for ALD


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